Thursday, August 25, 2011

Song Of The Month : AUGUST!!(:

it's been exactly 1month and 1day since i've blogged! hehehe..
cause i'm too busy and too lazy to blog already..
okay.. let's talk what have happened in this 1month and 1day.. lol..
actually i also don't really remember what have happened..
maybe life as usual.. nothing much..
i only know that my exam have ended since monday 1100hours!!!!
wahahahaha :D
then me and my p01 people in 2.1 went out togetherrrrrrrrr!!(:
we went to somerset.. cause don't know where else to go..
then watched dvds.. had starbucks and shared stories! enjoying life~!! hehehe(:
then tuesday stayed at home..
wednesday went out with p01 people againnn..!!
this time more people cause they're free and also finished their exams..
so.. we went to t0wn again~ cause really don't know where to go.. lol..
had snacks as their lunch.. watched dvds again while waiting for people..
went to eat dinner at Orchard Central.. not too sure of the restaurant name..
but it was really niceee!! the curry.. fish.. prawn.. hehehe..
had a lot of catch-ups..
then we went to Cold Stone and eat ice-cream!!
recommended by eugene.. hahaha..
but it was really really really niceeeeeeeeee!!<333
i ate mud pie mojo.. reallyyyyyyyyyyy niceeeeeeee..
i also try the others.. very nice also..
got more varieties to choose..
i would really recommend that place.. hahaha :D
and after that we went homeee..
satisfied and awesome day with them!!<33 (:
before all this things..
i'm having exam right..
i really really study hard and tried my best to do the exams..
so please please please.. i want to get good results..
i don't want to screw up my gpa..
only go up the hill is allowed.. not down.. *pray hard*
okayy.. then now my exams have ended..
people are going for their attachment starting next week..
and my attachment is in second batch..
haiz.. like so late onlyy..
i think i would prefer first batch.. ):
and i really don't like my shift people.. how ??
i wish i cann change shift.. ): *pray really hard*
3weeks of atachment.. with them.. i cann die.. ): ): ):
just hope that my CI is good.. haiz.. ): ): ):
then after 3weeks attachment.. i have a week holiday still!!
cause 2.2 people got 4weeks attachment..
we only got 3weeks.. hehe(:
but we'll swap.. so when we're in 2.2.. we would have the same fate.. ):
so seems like the 1month and 1day like really nothing much uhh..
or maybe cause i can't remember only.. hehe..
then i've changed my song to the month of AUGUST!! :D
i changed to 2NE1's Ugly and Super Junior's Mr. Simple!!
ugly is really niceeeee!!
inspiring sentences..
"I think I'm ugly, and nobody wants to love me,
Just like her I wanna be pretty, I wanna be pretty
Don't lie to my face tellin'
me I'm pretty"
and mr.simple is also really nice.. like addictive only!!
ryeowook and leeteuk so cute in there!! hehehe(:
but practically.. only left 1week before SEPTEMBER..
so i'll be changing song again next week!
anticipate kayy!! hahaha..
annyeong :D


Sunday, July 24, 2011

stop missing..

mood not been very good recently..
i don't know why..
maybe cause there are some things happened..
which made me kind of moody.. then would thought of somebody..
i think i'm just missing someone..
someone to talk to everyday..
he can always make me laugh when talking to him..
he cann also made me smile and cheer me up when i'm sad..
then i would always look forward to go online and talk to him..
he doesn't know that even though i do not reply to his hints..
but i would always be very happy to talk to him..
and i don't know why after a period of time has passed..
he just ignore me.. maybe i did/say something wrong that made him sad..
or maybe cause time have passed..
that made him lose the interest..
forgotten how happy he was in the first place..
i understand but just can't decide..
i know that i have already lose the chance..
and we have become strangers.. i really don't understand why..
what has really happened.. maybe i did something wrong..
that's what i always thought..
and now..
he still doesn't know that i still looking forward to talk to him..
i always wished that he would talk to him first..
cause i've already lost the courage to initiate conversation..
i do not want him to ignore or give me cold replies when i talked to him..
so might as well not talk..
and i know that this has lead us to become strangers..
that's what i always don't like..
the friends we know become the friends we knew..
and i have told him this before..
cause i predicted that we will become like this one day..
but i don't know that it will happen so fast..
and i guess he has also forgotten about it..
forgotten what i told him before..
i just felt that i'm so insignificant at times..
nobody care.. nobody remember what i said before..
like how i always care and remember every single detail of each person..
but nobody remembered how i listen so attentively till i remember everything..
and people still cann forget that they told me before..
sometimes i really don't like to care about the things that's happening around me..
but they just keep coming to me.. i can't stop or prevent it..
sometimes i don't know what i want either..
wish to talk to him like how we did last time..
wish to see his msn name appear on my computer again..
wish that he would come talk to me when he sees me..
wish that he was always around..
but it's impossible now..
time passes.. things changes.. it won't go back to the way it is..
i should just stop hoping.. stop thinking.. stop missing..
kayyy.. i should go and study now..
wish i cann tell.. wait.. stop.. stop it!


Saturday, July 16, 2011


today is another saturday!
but a tiring saturday..
went back to school early in the morning today to have some remedial..
then went to buy my lunch and back home..
and i wasted the rest of the saturday after that by watching "babyfaced beauty"
quite nice~
and now i have to revise my NS1.. do revision worksheet..
revise pharmaco.. then nsl..
cause got NS1 and pharmaco integrated paper on monday.. after school..
then nsl open book test on monday morning..
i doubt i have time to revise nsl..
but i'll still try..
then tomorrow still need go back school early in the morning to do project..
is like what the hell lor..
today i went back school le.. although it's not wasted trip..
i still don't like it..
then tomorrow they want to meet at 11am in school..
y'know i've to wake up at around 8+ to 9am so as to coordinate with you all ??
you all stay near cann sleep like till 9+ or 10am then prepare..
i've to wake up so early to prepare..
i know i shouldn't have go to such far away school..
but can't you all put in my shoes and think about me ??
is like seriously what the fuck cann..
this week like so busy and tired le..
i still have to went to school early today..
then tomorrow still have to?!!?!?!?!?!!!!!!!!!!!
can't you all meet at some centre place so it's better for me?!!!!
why west side???!! and so early!!!
i wanted to sleep more today but cannot..
then tomorrow lehh?!?!!! i still have to wake up early??!! what the fuck..
it's weekend lehh!! hello~~~~
seriously fuck up mood..
and still got test on monday.. how i study??!! huhhh!!
y'know from home to school and vice versa need around 2hours ??
means i'll be wasting 2hours of my life??
even if i brought my books to study on bus..
i would be so tired to touch my books.. -.-"
haiz.. seriously what is life.. this questions keeps me wondering..
is life stress up, not happy, tiring..
or filled with happiness, things goes your way, and no troubles??
or maybe.. everything is combined together.. to let us learn..
i get so sick of life sometimes..
so tiring.. nothing goes my way.. hardwork is never paid off..
and get nothing else in return..tskk..
forget it.. shall not think so muchh..
live life as you want it!


Monday, July 4, 2011


it's been around 2weeks since i've blogged ??
and it's july alreadyyyyyy!! omggg.. so fast.. :/
i feel like blogging once every month.. cause so lazy.. hahaha..
but nevermind.. i'll still try to blog every week.. (:
okay.. now i'm enjoying my holiday..
but still have to finish my case study and projects lehh..
then case study left abit..
projects really don't feel like doing sia..
especially the NR.. no mood for projects seriously.. ):
i just feel like watching videos all day.. or go out..
don't feel like doing any school works.. sighh..
then after this week is school reopen le..
like fast lehh.. 2weeks always passed so fast..
and i want to watch transformers!!
probably going to watch this week..
but only got me and felicia lehh.. like boring only..
my secondary friends all school reopen le.. difficult to ask..
then my poly friends having attachment and overseas..
like no one to ask.. haiz.. sianz only.. nevermind..
i've changed my blog song to
2pm and 2ne1 latest song "Like A Movie" and "I Am The Best" respectively
2pm's song is really niceeeeeeee.. a ballad.. (: (:
then 2ne1's song also very niceeeee.. love it!!(: (:
that's all for today..
don't really have the mood..
annyeong :D


Sunday, June 19, 2011

my love, June.. (:

it's been almost a month since i blogged!!
cause really no time..
plus sometimes lazy.. hahaha..
well.. a lot of things have happen in this 4weeks..
my common test is OVER~
currently on attachment..
but it's going to finish in this coming week..
looking forwarddddddddddd~~
okayy.. i think i did badly for my common test..
even though i really did study..
but i really don't know how to answer..
i study is equal to didn't study at all.. haiz..
so i think i'm going to flunk it.. ):
then after common test i went out with my P01 to have fun~!!
and it's my birthday on the saturday!!
11june2011!! ♥ ♥ ♥
i really enjoyed hanging out with my friends..
but actually i wasn't very happy..
it was my very only 18th birthday..
and my friend didn't come out to celebrate with me..
cause she said she was too tired and want to watch tv..
i think it was just an excuse cause she don't want to watch that movie..
then she said she would eat dinner with us..
but in the end..
we didn't watch that movie..
we didn't eat dinner with her..
cause since she doesn't have the sincerity to come out to have fun..
she doesn't even message or call me to ask about the dinner..
so.. i did not text/call her..
it WAS my birthday..
why do i have to act accordingly to her will ??
why does she always expect people to do what she says ??
sometimes i really wonder..
how would she survive in this pathetic lonely world on her own..
i've been learning to stand on my own..
be independent..
try to do things myself.. so i cann survive in this world..
but why can't she learnt ??
sometimes i really wish i cann slap her till she wake up
and make her realise this pathetic, cruel world that she's in..
nobody will pity her even if she scream, cry or beg..
and actually..
i was waiting for somebody to wish me happy birthday..
but it did not happen..
i purposely online.. wait till 12june2011 12AM..
still.. he did not wish me..
that's where i realise.. it's time for me to stop waiting..
more than a month have already passed..
not even a word from him..
that's really the end.. i know.. he won't talk to me again..
that's where friends become stranger..
but i was really happy when i saw my friends post the birthday wishes on my wall..
it really made me smile and laugh..
i'm really happy at that time.. and when i'm hanging out with my friends..
and that's how my birthday ended..
wasn't really happy.. but contented.. at least..
then after that is the attachment week!
this time attachment is two weeks..
my Clinical Instructor really sucks to the max luhh..
don't know what to say about her..
one week have already passed and NONE of my skills are signed!!
i need a total of 26skills to be sign ehh!!
why can't she think of us.. this will affect our grades as well lehh!! ):
i think my this attachment is the worst and lousiest cause of the CI..
don't know what to do with the CI..
but i quite enjoy this posting..
cause first time under air-conditioned ward..
then it's a ortho-surgical..
quite interesting and fun with my attachment friends..
only thing i don't enjoy is the CI..
worst i've ever met.. sighh..
so let's look forward to the end of the attachment..
and i've 2-3 projects to be done within this holiday!!
ohmygoshhh.. cann seriously die..
so there's still a lot of things left for me to do.. ): ):
i've changed my blog song to
SS501 Kim Hyun Joong new solo debut album..
"PLEASE" from Break Down..
it's really a super nice song..
don't know why he don't want to promote this song instead..
if he promote this..
it will really win for a few weeks..
love this song more than break down..
kayy.. that's all~
annyeong :D


Saturday, May 21, 2011

Song Of The Month : MAY~ :D

it's been 2weeks since i blogged already!! ohmygoshhh :/
today is the third week.. hehehe..
quite busy these few weeks..
cause the first week i was studying as monday i'm having a test..
then got a lot to study.. so i didn't have the time to blog..
then after that week.. i didn't blog cause
i went to luozhixiang's encore concert!!<33 hehehe :D
it was really super awesomeeee to the max onlyyyyyyyy!!
i took a few pictures..
but not that clear.. then took all of the videos of the songs he sangg!!
super awesomeeeeee!! hahaha..
my love for him will never decrease~ :D
then i reached home at about 11 to 12+ am??
then monday i got practical exam..
so sunday i'm busy studying didn't blog..
i think having practical on monday isn't a bad thing after all..
cause i get to finish it fast..
then tuesday is public holiday..
so i went out with felicia to watch "Fast & Furious 5 " at nex..
the movie was super awesome also!!!!
i wonder how they make that movie.. awesome~
then we had a lot of catching up cause some things been happening lately..
andya.. i passed my practical for your information..
but i asked the assessor i roughly get how much..
she say i borderline passed only..
cause i too slow i think.. :/
i could've done better!
i just don't like a D or C in my grade.. tsk..
kayy.. forget about that..
i've changed my blog songggggg!! kekeke..
after so longggggg!!!
today is already 21st of may..
after few more days then become june and need to change again..
hahaha! but nevermind luhh..
at least i changed!! hehehe(:
so the song for MAY is
SS501 Heo Young Saeng new solo debut album title song!!
it was really awesome and catchy..
yesterday i listened to it on bus when on the way to school..
then after 2hours.. the song is still in my head~ hahaha(:
love ittttttttt!!
and the other song is 2NE1 LONELY~
another awesome song!!
"baby i'm so lonely lonely lonely lonely lonely~"
and i love CL's hair in the mv!!
i love CL~ hehehe :D
and that's all~
i still got assignments to do and test next week!!
year2 cann die seriously!! :/
annyeong :D


Saturday, April 30, 2011


so fast tomorrow going to be MAY already!!
ohmygoshhhhhhhh!! :/
well.. school as usualll~
just that more and more stress..
projects and tests are coming up..
a test is coming up next week..
another test is comin up next next week..
then the practical test is next next next week!!
sianz to the max only lor.. haiz..
and ya.. then friday i meet up with berber and felicia!!
it was so awesome to see her againnnnnnn!!<333
we had a lot of catch-ups and we ate pastamania as dinner!!
it was awesome~~~
but we didn't take picture cause didn't bring camera!!
tskk.. nevermind..
memories will always be with us~!! :D
then tomorrow i'm going out with my attachments friends again!!<333
we going to watch movie, shopping, and eat dinner!!
going to have another awesome day again i guess!!! yeahhhhh!!<333
and that's alllllll~
think will change blog song next week.. hehehe..
annyeong :D